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  1. howde from scotland

    Hehehe Scotmen...we get everywhere eh...lol I was brought up in Lossiemouth in the Northeast...but now living in Germany Good to see you here Nige
  2. Hi All Been posting here for a while but never really introduced myself .. I'm from Scotland but have spent nearly 5 years in Stuttgart Germany. I've been into models since I was a kid....mostly plastic kits & a couple of gliders . Now I'm hooked on RC's (See the sig..lol) As I'm in Germany its kinda tough for a few reasons to find tracks / bashing places sometimes even finding a hopups or spares can mean many hours searching on google or waiting for the parts to arrive from the US ..lol Anyway greetings to All the people on here & props to the admins / mods for keeping this forum smooth & drama free Cheers Nige