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  1. New guy from the great white north

    Welcome Man!!!!
  2. new guy from ontario canada

    Welcome man!!! Looks like a sweet project that savage is going through, can't wait to see it's final product
  3. new here but familiar face

    Welcome Dan!!!! Good have you hear Make yourself at home
  4. Hey everyone

    Welcome man!!!
  5. hi whats up what rcs you all got

    Ah I see...nice!
  6. hi whats up what rcs you all got

    That MTR-3 looks wicked with those paddles on!!! Nice Rigs
  7. Hey all, new guy from Ontario Canada

    welcome man! this is the best forum around
  8. Introduction

    Welcome man! I'm sure there's lots of knowledge in that mind of yours....this is a greater place to spread it around!
  9. hello all

    Welcome! Great forum to be apart of...loads of knowledge so don't be afraid to ask a question!
  10. hi whats up what rcs you all got

    you'll have to see.......
  11. hi whats up what rcs you all got

    your going to regret asking this question if Squirrel evers rolls in here........seriously I have Tmaxx 2.5 and a couple of Mini-T's on the way, definitly lookin for more lol
  12. New Guy

    Welcome! lots of knowledge here so don't hesitate to ask questions
  13. noob status

    Welcome! You got some sweet rides there....any pics?
  14. new guy here from South GA

    Welcome! I too am a dirtbiker as well as I own a Tmaxx anyway this is THE place to be for sharing/gaining knowledge so don't be afraid to ask questions and please pipe in if you have good info. Get comfy....most poeple who stumble in never leave you'll meet some awesome people here trust me
  15. No noobie here

    WELCOME!!!! I take you live in Oregon as well then eh?