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  1. Hello From New Zealand

    Congrats man! and Welcome to this great Hobby!
  2. New To The Forum

  3. Hello I'm New

    Welcome to The Toyz! Feel free to ask away, plenty of us here, were bound to get the answer right one way or another
  4. Newbie Saying Hi From Ny

    Welcome to THE TOYZ lots of info and bunch of great guys here
  5. Gday From Australia

    What territory you from in OZ? from just looking at pics of Australian terrain there's gotta be some sweet spot to do about any RC'n. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Hello New Member Here

    Welcome (again) Stoves, all all the other guys that are new!
  7. Forum Problem

    Welcome, and I dunno about the text thing it is fine from my view. just hit Ctrl ++
  8. Hey man! and Welcome!
  9. Seasoned Monster Truck Guy.

    Welcome!! Nitro's Dated????? For real????
  10. Hi New To All This

    Like the Dirt bike, not to many peeps run them. Welcome to The Toyz!
  11. Hey All

    Welcome To The Toyz Dude. You'll be a addict like the rest of us in no time.
  12. Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  13. Thanks! there Ofna buggy rims not very short course but o'well