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  1. I want the camper! I love the detail !!
  2. Swap the rear tires to front and front to rear.. And the cogging could very well be the motor but ever set up I had it was the vxl esc and my castle stuff that took the vxl place... The cogging was no more
  3. Change the start power I got my sc10 on the lowest setting and never get cogging and that's with a cheaper hobby king motor
  4. Personally no. I built my daughters with left over stuff got her some good tires then bought a brand new vxl brushless for 100 bucks then this past month got her a 2.4 radio and custom made her a lady bug body since we call her maddy bug.. And still spent less than that. You could buy a brushed for 150 let her get used to it and then buy her a element brushless set up for 125.00 and trust me it works great although I put a 1/8th scale motor on it lol.. Durability?? I ramped my daughters off a moto cross jump which was over 12ft high and landed on my wife's stampede bug and nothing broke
  5. That's cool your daughter wants into the rc hobby my 8yr old daughter runs a two wheeler pede and she puts around for the most part.. But when she try's to race now that's a different story it's wide open all the time and even in the air on the jumps lol!! A pede is built rugged tuff but on the 4x4 just keep the axles in check and a bumper lol
  6. If you put a bend and a small swell or bulge before the end tapers down then yes it can be done but after all that you would save time putting a tuned pipe on it
  7. Oh I forgot about tires and trenchers are #1 in my book..
  8. I own three... Wife,son's,and daughter's Wife has REM chasis carbon fiber towers and arms cambers hubs are all rpm bearings are all ceramic Big bore shocks with yellow heavy out back black mediums up front. Plus a Fastlane machine diff.. I havnt worked on her truck in a long time she runs a vxl Sons is mostly stock minus rpm bumper bearing diff and integy shocks which surprisingly respond well on the track... The only incident was the rear camber link pulled out of shock tower so I ran longer screws with a Teflon nut he runs a Novak Daughters is from left over parts with a vxl system and a rpm bumper her truck is tough and had the same issue as her brothers so I guess it was the mechanics fault lol but seriously these trucks only need upgraded when something breaks So I'd just upgrade to brushless and throw a rpm bumper on it and see what breaks My kids are not that good at the track and it looks like a ping pong of stampedes out there so they do get beat up on
  9. Well stock bumper is trashed.. Good advice on that one! I have been racing all week at the track and it has been doing really well till today which was a freak accident I hit the table top and flew straight up and back down on my rear bumper and destroyed the idler gear So all in all this truck has taken a beating and for the most part only broke the bumper the tranny was my fault
  10. My wife has done alot for me lately and helped me with some of my custom paint jobs and I figured it was time to surprise her with what she wants. The deal is she wants certain style of radio for a crawler my friend built and has stashed at his shop. The radio style she wants is like the airplane people use.. Lol the box style of you want to call it that. So what would work? I do know it has a dig on it if that makes or breaks the choices? I hope somebody can help because I have no clue on this style of radio
  11. Thanks for the link and it appears some guys on there want the truck and especially want the UNO motor lol Funny thing I like is after all these years comparing the hardware of this truck to the newer generations team associated was way ahead of there game with this truck
  12. Nothing wrong with the truck actually I'm fond of my sc10 but after driving the 4x4 version with the ballistic 5.5 in it makes me want a 4x4 now.
  13. Ok I oversite the link there. I use those in all my trucks but one right now and they are strong as heck I launched my daughters truck off a motocross hill and landed on my wife's truck and broke zilch and it was a nasty land too! Are your front drives the same as the rear?
  14. He told me only stubs. But he said yes and no but who knows?? If you guys are ripping the stockers right and left he might make a batch order?
  15. Well I can ask him if he will make a set?