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  1. got off work this moring....woke up with the wife holding a new traxxas rustler box...she went ahead and picked up...i think somebody else wants to play more than i do... i take it leave alone until something breaks right?
  2. thanks i will be reading some more!
  3. since i ran out of room..i took a pic without the body on it
  4. lol yeah i know...i am looking for a nice 4 wheel drive...i pick up my new rustler friday...then i will be looking into a 4wheeler
  5. Thanks guy's!!!...i think the best thing to have is a warm welcome to a new site.. starting my first pic
  6. greetings!...i'm learning the board slowly so bear with me. i'm 34 yrs old have two beautiful kids 6 yr old girl and a 7yr old boy and an awseome wife that is letting me start in a new hobby.. i'm a gear head and am always at a race track of some kind,and these little boogers are neat! i started with used which was a hit and miss....i bought a 5yr old rustler with some mods,and a nitro tmaxx which to say the least is not my thing...i'm staying electric all the way ! i have a new rustler on lay away,and will be getting it this friday..can't wait the nitro is being sent back to the friend i bought it i have the older rustler what i know about the rustler??? has turn buckles,but not those beefy ones the brushless set-up has a trinity brushed motor,and i think it is on it's last leg... over all it's a blast...steering doesn't track well though..and i hate leaves! these are actually early x-mas presents so i want to do a little extra for the older a new body,and maybe some trick front end parts??? last question....upgrades to do brushless....i'm seriously looking at the novac havoc....and the ezrun the ezrun good? i'd love to hear everyone's idea's...till i get on my own two feet with this. pictures will be posted tomorrow thanks arthur
  7. hello!...i'm new to this,and so far i'm having misery and a blast at the same time. i started out buying used..a 5yr old model rustler,and a 3 yr old nitro t-maxx.nitro is definately not my thing and i sent it back and using the money towards a brand new rustler brushed set-up.. i will get back with the new one later when i break something< now back to the older rustler model..visually it is has the smaller upgraded turn buckles,and a different motor..some trinity brushed motor?? is quick for me but i'm afraid the motor won't hold up. upgrades???....novac havoc brushless?..or???...ezrun??? links would help if anybody has first hand knowledge of either. i am looking foward of a new adventure,and i welcome everyone to steer me right. arthur