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  1. New Candadian Member Here!!

    welcome! more Canadians are always welcome in my book!
  2. Hey Everyone

    Welcome, there is no shortage of knowledge around here, you came to the right place
  3. I'm new

    This is my first nitro so I don't have anything to compare it to heh, but it seems to have gobs of power I don't know what to do with.
  4. I'm new

    nothing special, couldn't find any pics of all 5 together. but it was fun no less.
  5. I'm new

    double post, dumb intertubes
  6. I'm new

    thanks for all the welcomes! i have a couple pics somewhere from a weekend jam session a few weeks back, had 5 brand new RTR .09's going at one time. I'm sure i'll be asking lots of noob questions in the days to come. thanks again! az
  7. I'm new

    to RC and the toyz forums! (made a few posts before i noticed this section) I have a stock mini inferno ST .09, got it a few months ago, and it has turned me into an addict. Got a MI buggy in the mail which should be here tomorrow, this car is going to be slowly built up into a brushless basher. sooooo yeah, I don't what else to say, I'm Canadian, and I love rc! az