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  1. It will be my future hobby?

    Welcome to the forum, bud! I'll totally work as a middleman for ye and TheToyz if you're willing to pay me... that straight-Parmesan cheese in the blocks is awful tasty... Nah, just kiddin'... I work fer free! Sometimes person-to-person gets through your KGB-like customs faster, or so it seems.
  2. When I first became an active poster, I almost never saw the new guys... was that because I was one? It seems like there are so many! I, personally, really like the ones who are new to r/c as a whole, this is the only place where a 16-year-old punk can help out the 30something with his stuff!
  3. Concept Art

    You really need any?
  4. Pics of... pic-liness?

    Read the name, eh?
  5. Other one borkeded.

    Read the name.
  6. New 2 The Site......Pics of my RC's

    Except, maybe... Drum roll, please... A good off-road buggy! But monsters are still totally fun.
  7. Hey guys I just foud the site!

    Welcome! I sure hope you got a killer deal on that Black ed. Hyper, they don't seem to perform as well as the TQ RTR ones.
  8. Mostly stock, I guess. It's running on an old, soon-to-seize Hyper .21 5-port Turbo, which I can't find anywhere. 8-port turbos, sure, but no other turbo models. Weird, eh? From the hobby shop, I think it was supposed to be a TQ sport, but I'm not entirely sure. No nearby tracks or bike trails, unfortunately, but we do have a few out-of-the-way quad trails (don't ask, longer story) and a big, open football field. Pics are a nuisance, but I'll see what I can do.
  9. What r/cs? Oh, man... An old, battered Hyper 7 that I'm working on making race-worthy again, an RC18B, an entire fleet of those old Radioshack Xmods (what got me started, really!) and a couple Micro-Ts. Which boonies? Northwestern New Mexico, right on top of a mountain. Rest of it is all a really long, boring story. Wouldn't want to bother you all with that, and I'm tired enough it'd come out as more of a typed mumble and some weird lines.
  10. So, uh, hey? I don't really know what to post in these greeting-post-topic things, but... um, hailing from here in the boonies, etc.