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  1. It's been quite awhile since I've been here. A lot's happened over the last couple years, I've picked up road biking and most of my time is spent on the bike now. I'm a college student working towards an engineering degree, and rarely touch RC's anymore, although that is starting to change as I get my life figured out. I definitely still enjoy this hobby, but time and money make it tough to stay involved. Hopefully I'll get some of my basher friendly rigs back into...

    1. jettrooper02


      Well since it seemed to cut things off a bit I'll elaborate on my RC plans a tad. I currently live where it snows in winter, a lot, so my SC10 is probably going to stay at my parents house since it's setup as a racer and I don't want to get it dirty and break tons of stuff on it. It's also my only rig currently in good working order(go figure) but considering it would need waterproof electronics and some upgrades to make it handle bashing duty it doesn't make sense to put...

  2. Long time no see! after a solid year of being away from forums and racing occasionally, I think I'm back into RC again, mostly as a stock short course class racer.

    1. cmnyj28


      Welcome Back!!!

      Sometimes time away is good.

  3. i think i'm officially just a scaler guy now.