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  1. New Guy

    Welcome Kevin!
  2. I am new

    I think i know you from the LSTforums! I know that aftershock anywhere. Welcome to TheToyz!!!
  3. New Guy from Louisiana

    Welcome my fellow southerner!! I'm from Metairie
  4. Mr teel (Mike) I am new to the forum

    Welcome to Thetoyz Mike!
  5. Greetings from spain

    Welcome to TheToyz! You're english is fine. Don't worry man
  6. howde from scotland

    Welcome to TheToyz!!
  7. Hello peeps

    Welcome to TheToyz man! I see you're from Louisiana also
  8. New guy from the great white north

    Welcome to TheToyz!
  9. new guy from ontario canada

    I know who you are lol...Welcome to TheToyz.
  10. new here but familiar face

    Oh gosh! Not dan! Welcome buddy!
  11. Hey everyone

    Jeremy is a admin on the hpisavageforum and he is one funny guy! Welcome bro!
  12. Hey all, new guy from Ontario Canada

    Welcome to Thetoyz!! Nice 5B and LST2 you have there
  13. New to the Toyz Forum

    Hey man! welcome to TheToyz!! nice rides
  14. Introduction

    ZAPPER!! glad to see you again! Welcome to TheToyz man!
  15. New guy from PA

    Welcome to TheToyz!! There is lots of good info here