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  1. Hey, Im new here, but not new in RC's

    Welcome to the site bro!!! and sweet lookin e revo!!!

    Man those look sweet!!!!

    welcome to the site bro!!! Sounds like you got a great lot of cars! Do you have any pics of your rcs? the longer you are here you will notice that here, we love pics lol!!!
  4. My son made me do this!

    Welcome to the site bro! Glad to see ya here! Thats one heck of a list of cars ya got there!!
  5. Hello from NC

    Welcome to the site bro!! and cant wait to see your rcs!!
  6. Hi yall

    welcome to the site bro!!!!
  7. A new kid

    Welome to the site bro!!!!! Good to see ya here!!
  8. wats up people???

    Welcome to the site bro!!! and sweet lookin rides!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Heya Peeps!

    Welcome to the site bro!! and i cant wait to see your RS4 when its finished!!!! im sure itll b a beast!!!!!
  10. Hello folks...

    Welcome to the site bro!! and sik lookin revo!!!
  11. Hey fellow RC Junkies

    Sik lookin revo bro!!!!
  12. Hey bro!! welcome to the site!! wut rcs do ya have??
  13. Hey guys its sk8r. ive been into rcs for maybe 3 years so im sumwut new. im 15 and own 3 rcs. i have 2 losi micro ts and a team associated T4. i love evry1 of them!!! but i gonna be buying a slash soon and of course off of this awsome site!!!! My current project is making one of my micro ts into a micro slash. i shortened the arms enough to where they will b under the body and im gonna be using the micro t baja body cuz its the closest slash looking body i cud find for the micro ts. its almost done but i still need to order the body and make a few small adjustments. sk8r
  14. Wuts goin on??

    oh ok... lol my bad
  15. Wuts goin on??

    wut do u mean?
  16. Wuts goin on??

    Thanx! and neithr can i lol!!
  17. Wuts goin on??

    Lol!!! Ya they do!!! i luv mine!!!!
  18. Wuts goin on??

    Yet anothr familiar face!!!! Good to see ya here bro!!!!
  19. Wuts goin on??

    Heath is a great guy!!! and ill try to get sum pics up soon!! Thanx again guys!!
  20. Wuts goin on??

    Lol wel thanx for the welcome bro!!!!
  21. Wuts goin on??

    Awsome!!!!!!! i cant wait!!! and btw thanx for the warm welcome guys!!! im lovin this site already!!!!
  22. Wuts goin on??

    Thanx bro!! and i will!! and ya i know him from a few othr sites ive been on.
  23. Wuts goin on??

    Lol. good to see u 2. btw how are you doin on the performance parts you talked about a wile ago??