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    Resting Peacefully
  1. Even though I do not know you personally. I watch your vids and I have to say that you are a great guy! RIP

  2. happy birthday my friend!

  3. Always loved your videos and you had a kickass rc18t. you will be missed. RIP

  4. Rest in Peace follow Radio Control builder

  5. i hope the have a good hobby shop where your going with all my heart i say to you R.I.P

  6. New To Rc And This Forum

    the black wire always goes towards the outside edge of the receiver
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your crew as well.

  8. John? Nice meeting you today...we'll run together again I am sure.

  9. Hi from Scotland

    First let me welcome you to the forums....there's some 8th scale gas guys here so you'll fit in..... ....wow that track has a lot of green "carpet", and I like the retaining wall of junk tires, track is HUGE!
  10. New To the RC world

    Welcome everyone....and don't worry, we were all NEW once....go ahead and ask that question, you won't get flamed for it here....all you'll get is answers...and with a smile too!
  11. hello new to this forum

    Welcome to the forums....you found the right place for info handed out with a smile....so you and the boy both sit back and make yourselves at home.
  12. Did not think I would get hooked so quick!

    Welcome....glad the R/C bug bit you! If you think speed is addictive just wait till you discover the slow R/C trucks...LOL