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  1. South Florida Scaler

    Thanks guys! I'm all set And here's some shots of my rigs. SCX10 Dingo kit turned XJ crossing a PVC bridge 2 wheel style at a scale comp It's a 1/10 replica build of my old XJ Sold the wraith based rig at the bottom of the post to build a 1.9 wraith instead it's currently in peices as i'm still waiting on parts to arrive, but i'll post up threads on them Also build a wraith based custom steel tube chassis rig (but wanted another 1.9 instead so i sold it)
  2. South Florida Scaler

    Howdy folks, hadn't realized i had been registered here from a few years ago, but i'm back! Curious who i need to speak with on a username change? I'd like to update this to reflect my User on the other forums. THanksin advance all! Tylor