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  1. New To the RC world

    welcome banshee hope you have a great time here and learn alot! i really have not to mention at the bottom of the homepage there is a chat room where you can talk to other members and thing (right now it isnt working right idk why?)
  2. hey dbr i just ordered one of the bug bodies for the micro crawler do you have any suggestions on what to do (as in how to trim and what paint to use)


  3. I'm New to ToyZ

    hey welcome to thetoyz! if you ever need any help feel no hesitation o post or ask anyone here! if you need any help with the mini revo id be glad to help
  4. New Guy

    dont forget the awsome people lol welcome to the forums.
  5. another new guy

    welcome to the forum! hope you have an awsome time here!
  6. hi boys

    pics would be nice. what are the spects for your 8t? oh, and WELCOME!
  7. The Official Introductions Thread

    hope you have fun with them! theyr very fun and can be driven alot of places seeing as their water proff! lol.
  8. Hello to all

    welcome man. hope you have some fun w/ your rcs while your here and forever after!
  9. The Official Introductions Thread

    any pics yet?!? lol.
  10. your merv looks awsome!

  11. nice merv! looks insane.

    just sayin.... lol

  12. mini slash and da micro's

    my cars with pics
  13. my cars