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  1. Hello From Idaho

    Welcome to The Toyz!!
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  3. Old Member, New Name

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  4. Hello I'm New

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  5. New To The Forums, Love Thetoyz.com

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  6. The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome everyone!!
  7. Decrepit Ol...umm, I Mean = New Guy

    Welcome!!! Check your PM
  8. New Member Posting Restrictions

    Hello! Like any forum, we do attract people who wish to inform the masses about the wonders of pornography, enhancements, promotions, and other meaningless stuff. More than likely, if you wanted to see porn and gain a PC virus/ spyware, then you would not be wondering how to upgrade or fix an RC or to be apart of this great online community. In order to combat this, I have made it a policy where registered members are restricted on access till they have made their first post. So how do you gain full fledged forum access??? Its very simple. Post once on ANY existing topic! It does not matter where the area is. Once you have done this then you can: 1) Start new topics 2) Alter your profile 3) Enjoy all of the benefits that other users enjoy. Does this mean that I will be able to buy and sell right away? No. In order to do this you have to have 25 quality posts. Once you have achieved 25 posts then you will have access to the entire forum and all access. Please do not post for sale, trades, or ads on open forum. Please keep it in the correct area. And with that... THANK YOU FOR JOINING AND BEING APART OF OUR ONLINE FAMILY!
  9. Return After Three Years

    Welcome Back!!
  10. New Guy From Texas

    Welcome to The Toyz!!! I hope your not a college football fan if so I hope your a Texas A&M since Texas stole our football coach
  11. New To The Forum From Germany

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  16. Just Rolling In From Florida

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  17. Hey Everyone! New Here From New Hampshire

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  19. Hello From Indiana

    Welcome from Louisville Ky.
  20. Noobie

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  21. Hello Wisconsin!

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  23. Saying Hello

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  24. Hi! From Phoenix,az

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