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  1. The Official Introductions Thread

    wow theres like over 32,000 members seems not that long ago when i was new here (even though i have a low post count i love to read just about anything ) and i remember when heath (the cow ) was new, but there was a while where i didnt have a pc and when i came back the forum had exploded knowdout because of squirrel and the great admin and mod team who strive to have the friendlyest and most fun forum without all the "BS" and can still have a laugh without people starting fanboy wars. i would like to thank every one that is part of thetoyz for 2 1/2 years of the best rc site i have been part of Keep On Truckin

    hi im in far north QLD and wellcome to the toyz how do you maintain all those cars and run them all like i can see 2 TT-01's and a few other off roads but like 10+ cars is a little hard for me to think about but if i think about it5 i have 6 cars and i want like 3 or 4 more woh and if iget them ill end up with 10 broken cars oh make your self at home and if you need any anwsers just ask there is bound to be somone who can help
  3. Hello to all from Australia!

    hey maaaate !! im from QLD in Cairns you know up the top in the middle of nowhere where there is no off road track just droped in to say hi don't you just hate big brother and the milky bar kid ( pm Rudd ) David