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  1. Hello from Northern Cali

    Welcome to the forum dude. Yes this hobby will kill your wallet.
  2. Hows that Firestorm working out for you?

  3. NICE!!! FINALLYYOU GOT IT TO WORK ,you got a pic.

  4. Check out the micro section for micro awd ? It has mad science stuff in it. CRUMPS


    Hello everybody this forum is RAD. I cant spell for the life of me and my grammer is even worse. I have yet to be put down by anybody so far. For that I am thankful to everyone. Good for me my hands and eyes are smarter than my brains. I hope to bring many good projects to my fellow Toyz members. Curently gathering goods and information to build micro 4 wheel drive. When every thing is well I will do a proper build thread. If you read my post they read like I would say it. In the immortal worsd of Bartles and James thank you for your support.
  6. DEAR MR crump why have you not gotten a face for your profile ?