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  2. These things are quick! I saw some at an RCX show, and they had nitro ones too. Man, those things go from 0 to FAST in a blink of an eye. -Corrupt
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  4. nice Roger, looks fast
  5. I had one of those for a short while, Same livery too It was really fun but a pain to get it to go straight and be careful since every time I went off into the grass the steering servo would strip out Other than that, it was a blast, have fun with her man!
  6. Hi I'm Roger (Hi Roger) I'm a RC addict. My new Ride
  7. Last week
  8. Sweet. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for it.
  9. Always wanted one. Now I gotta hop her up
  10. Nice, Love it, I just bought the Stampede 4x4
  11. No RC this weekend, but I did get in a little RC fun on Thursday after a long hiatus. Hit some trails in the woods behind my house before the snow melted. My 5 year old son had fun doing donuts in the snow too. I'd probably run more in the winter if I had more 4wd vehicles. Might need a 4x4 Stampede in my stable some day too.
  12. Hey Guys What's going on this weekend? Any RC Plans? I'm thinking of Bashing my New Stampede and getting my Sons Mini Summit some action. The weather is gonna be 60 degrees here so why not
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  14. Since I posted this I have bought a tf2, put it together, and ran it about 2 hours total. Going to Little Rock city Alabama on feb 25th or whichever day is Saturday. Should be a blast!uou should make the 15 hour trip or whatever it is and scale with us!!!
  15. Still doing some work on it. Did run the slash. Pretty legit. My kids got a pink bandit from a friend. Had battery issues. I revived the battery on my charger. All good to go. Time to give it back to my kids
  16. Is that yours? Do you have pics on the truck?
  17. It makes a great difference for low speed control and launching. I've run the RX-8 / Pro 4 combo in a few rigs and loved it every time.
  18. Could do something like this, and weld it straight onto what you have there already
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